Selected Group Exhibitions > American Fine Arts pt.1 "life'snot fair and people don't act right," BBQLA

PLUR Diptych
charcoal on paper
8.5 x 11 in

american fine arts is a migrating exhibition series that will travel from city to city throughout 2018, forming a narrative in response to different current and historical events both locally and nationally.

A book will be published alongside the exhibitions, documenting all the shows' iterations and providing a creative response to the project, which is to come out with Not A Cult press in 2019.

american fine arts, an allegory for americas is curated by BBQLA in collaboration with Lara Schoorl.

American Fine Arts pt 1: life’s not fair and people don’t act right
Kenneth Curwood, Sebastian Gladstone, Stephanie Rose Guerrero, Casey Kauffmann, William Keihn, Kylen McMorran, Dustin Metz, Jose de Jesus Rodriguez, Ruben Rodriguez, Kira Shewfelt, Alakè Shilling, Corri-Lynn Tetz